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The Benefits of Playing at a Bitcoin Casino

So, you may be asking yourself what are Bitcoins, and how did they first originate? Essentially, Bitcoin first popped up back in 2008 and is a decentralised virtual currency. This means it doesn’t exist in the physical world like real cash and does not have a central bank. Today, Bitcoin is not used by over 100,000 people and businesses across the globe, trading in thousands of pounds every single day, without a middleman to worry about. Among these businesses using Bitcoin are now a number of Bitcoin Casino sites. Each Bitcoin Casino will offer a unique portfolio of games like classic casino table games and slot machines to its cryptocurrency players. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the benefits of playing at a Bitcoin Casino.

Setting up Your Bitcoin Casino Account

You will be happy to know that even the most uninitiated Bitcoin player will find it easy to set up a Bitcoin Casino account. Simply follow these step-by-step instructions to begin your Bitcoin gambling experience:
• Step 1: Firstly, you will need to create a Bitcoin wallet. This can be done on a number of different online sites. There’s also different kinds of wallets (hardware, software and online), that each come with their own advantages and disadvantages.
• Step 2: Once you have chosen your Bitcoin wallet, it’s time to get some Bitcoins. You can either ask your friends to give you some, exchange them from your bank account or purchase them from a number of reputable sites. One of the most popular ways to get your hands o Bitcoins is through exchange sites or via bank transfer sites.
• Step 3: With Bitcoins now in your wallet, it’s time to find the perfect Bitcoin Casino to call home. You will need to create a user account like you would at any other online casino site. The only real difference is that when you go to deposit, you simply need to select Bitcoin instead and the amount you wish to transfer from your Bitcoin wallet. You can then get started playing immediately.

Benefits of playing btc casino

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin at a Bitcoin Casino

One of the main advantages to playing at a Bitcoin Casino over traditional online gambling sites is that the house edge tends to be considerably lower. This makes playing at a Bitcoin Casino much more attractive to players looking to stay for the long run. On top of a lower house edge, a Bitcoin Casino is also highly secure. Using Bitcoin as a deposit method enables you to remain virtually anonymous and also allows you to get around those pesky deposit and withdrawal fees charged by most middlemen payment services.
Most Bitcoin Casino sites will run on HTML5 technology, meaning you don’t have to worry about downloading special software to begin your new gambling adventure. Plus, there is now a range of Bitcoin Casino apps to choose from, which offer super quick access to your favourite casino games whilst out on the go.